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How to Prevent Water Damage

Nothing will make you value your plumbing quite like encountering a major issue that leaves you without water. Nobody wants to experience home damage due to a water leak. There are some types of water damage that can be easily prevented.


All over your home—in the walls, ceilings, and floors—there are running water pipes. A rusty pipe, a puncture, or blockage in your system will result in a disaster. This is possibly the most dangerous and damaging way to get water damage.


It’s difficult to identify a potential issue visually, since these pipes are often hidden from view. However, you should be aware of creaks or noises coming from areas containing pipes. Older homes will need more professional annual inspection to make sure everything is working properly.



If you haven’t experienced water damage from an overflowing toilet, consider yourself lucky. What caused the overflow is often not a pretty sight and a repulsive mess to clean up. If the toilet is on an upper level, water leaking through the ceiling is often inevitable. The damage from toilet troubles can cost you big bucks.


Be sure to get regular maintenance done on all bathroom fixtures. This includes an inspection of the flush valve, toilet fill, and water supply. Your local home supply store likely sells replacement parts. If the handle is sticking or you have a rather old part, buy a replacement. You’ll be glad you did!

Washing Machine


Have you ever started a load of laundry and then left your home to run some errands, just to come back and find a water and soap? Maybe it was a problem with the machine itself or perhaps the machine was overloaded causing this incident to happen.

Don’t load your machine to the max. Consistently over-working your washing machine will cause wear and tear, making incidents like this more likely.

If you fall victim to a water damage issue, contact TPE immediately. We will send a professional, certified plumber to remedy the issue, ASAP.