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Can a Septic Tank Fill Up with Rainwater?

Your septic tank is designed to send partially filtered wastewater out of the tank and into the drain field, where it will continue to filter through sand and dirt. That means that any solids remain inside of the tank while the water goes into the ground. But what happens when heavy rainfalls saturate the drain field? When rain oversaturates the soil surrounding your septic tank, there is nowhere for the partially filtered water from your septic tank to go. If you continue to use water in your home, any excess sewage and wastewater will back up in the tank until it overflows into your home, the lawn, or the drain field.

How Do You Know If Your Septic Tank Is Flooded?

If you are experiencing clogged or slow drains during a period of heavy rainfall, it is likely that your septic tank is either full or flooded. If the problem is severe enough, sewage can back up into your home or overflow onto the lawn.

How Can I Prevent My Tank from Flooding?

If you live in an area frequently affected by heavy rains, there are a few precautions you can take to prevent your septic tank from flooding.

Below are some of our tips for avoiding an overfilled tank when there are heavy rains:

  • Limit your water usage as much as possible
  • Only flush septic-tank safe materials
  • Avoid driving, parking, or walking over the ground that contains your tank

The most important thing is to limit the amount of water you use in your home during heavy rainfall. Adding extra water to the tank when it is full can cause major damage.

Call The Plumbing Experts to Fix Your Flooded Tank

In serious storm conditions, avoiding a flooded septic tank can be extremely difficult. If you suspect your tank is flooded, call The Plumbing Experts right away. Our team will inspect your septic tank for damage and take care of any repairs needed to get your system back up and running.

We offer a comprehensive set of septic tank services, including:

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