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Whether you have a problem with a single drain or a sewer line clog, call The Plumbing Experts. We offer drain cleaning in Greenville from experienced plumbers using the latest technology and proven methods for safely and efficiently clearing clogs. Our Greenville plumbers handle clogs of all types and sizes in sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and sewer clogs.

Have a problem with a drain? Call (864) 210-3127 or use our online form to schedule drain cleaning service. We serve customers throughout Greenville & the surrounding areas.

Can You Pour Oil Down the Drain?

The simple answer to this is - No.

Often times, people believe because oil is a liquid that it stays a liquid. But, once it cools it is quite the opposite. After oil has cooled down, it will cling to the sides of your drain pipes and cause a build up the more you poor down the drain. Continued pouring of oil down the drain can also harm the local environment by polluting the water supply.

So what do you do with the oil or grease? The quickest way to get rid of the oil or grease is to continue to pour it down your drain. However, that isn't the best solution. The best way to dispose of your oil is to use your trashcan. Find an old container like a coffee can, an old pickle jar or even the paper plate you were using could suffice.

What Causes a Drain to Clog?

Drains gradually become clogged. In most situations, the buildup increases over time. The drain will become slow until it finally becomes completely blocked. Ignoring problems with clogs can cause damage to the drain and plumbing pipe. For this reason, it is best to address clogs as soon as they occur by calling our Greenville drain cleaning team at The Plumbing Experts.

5 Signs You May Need our Drain Cleaning in Greenville:

  • Grease -
    Pouring grease down your drain is one of the biggest culprits for clogs. It's never ever a good idea to pour any grease, oil or any other fats down your drain. This is a sure fire way to clog your drain. The best way to properly dispose of these things is to find an old coffee can or jar and fill it with your grease or oil. Once it has solidified, you can throw it away.
  • Food particles -
    Make sure you are scrapping off large food items into your trash or compost pile before you throw it down your sink. Even with a garbage disposal, some foods won't break down in your sink and can cause drain clogs.
  • Soap scum -
    Normal soap bars are made with grease or fat. When the grease from the soap combines with the minerals in the water it can leave behind a hard residue known as, soap scum. Eventually, regular use of bar soap can cause your drain to clog.
  • Hair -
    The biggest culprit of clogged drains is hair. The best way to deal with hair blockage is to prevent it from the first place. Ensure you have a drain guard to catch any loose hair and clear it regularly.
  • Mineral Buildup - 
    Minerals dissolved in hard water can build up and cause masses that can easily block your drain. One common solution is installing a water softener in your home to help combat your hard water problem.

When the drains begin to slow, you may consider using a commercial drain cleaning product. These products have limited effectiveness and the chemicals can cause harm to your drains and plumbing pipes. Our drain cleaning in Greenville use quality equipment and methods to clear all types of drain clogs, even the most challenging clogs.

Sewer Line Clogs

Sewer lines can become clogged due to several factors, including the age of the system, general wear and tear, and tree roots growing into the lines, ground shifting, and other environmental factors. Our Greenville drain cleaning team is experienced and equipped to assess your sewer system to locate the source of the problem and recommend the most efficient and least invasive approach to clearing your sewer clog.

Don’t wait to address your drain or sewer problem. Give us a call today at (864) 210-3127 to schedule service. Call us with any of your emergency plumbing issues 24/7!

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