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Washing Machine Mishaps

undefinedWashing clothes has come a long way since the days of washboards. Luckily, we no longer must waste time and energy washing clothes by hand. Modern washing machines help take a load off of doing a load of laundry. Whether your looking for a top loading, front loading, water saving, or time saving machine, there is undoubtedly a model out there to suit your needs. Washing machines are all about convenience. Thus, they’re changing all the time and can cost you a pretty penny. To get the most out of this costly investment, you should be aware of key maintenance tasks and features of your appliance.

There are many no- no’s that you should become aware of if you are happy with your current washer. You may already know the basics of sorting and water temperature for different types of clothing. But if you’re looking for more detail about how to keep your machine in tip-top shape, you’ve come to the right place.

Washing Machine No-No’s:

  • Using an Old Rubber Hose

If you are still using a rubber hose, switch to a braided one. Braided hoses are great for preventing a hose burst. They don’t dry out, crack, or split, and they are more durable than rubber ones.

  • Never Changing the Cycle Settings

“Regular” may be a commonly used setting, but not all loads are the same. Explore other options on your machine based on what you are washing. Bulky items, such as blankets or comforters, may require an extra rinse. Tough stains may need hotter water to properly remove the stain.

  • Giant Loads

No one wants to spend their whole day doing laundry. So, it’s tempting to load as many items as you can in a single cycle. Even the large capacity machines have their limits. Water and detergent won’t reach all items when the machine is packed too full, so your clothing won’t get as clean as you’d like.

  • Guessing the Amount of Detergent to Use

It’s important to follow the directions on the detergent you use. The cleaning performance will be affected if you have too much or too little detergent.

Avoiding these no-no’s will help ensure your washing machine working correctly. But, issues are bound to come up. If you experience an issue with your washing machine, or any other plumbing appliance, contact TPE today! We will happily and promptly send one of our qualified plumbers out to resolve your issue and get your washing machine back up and running.