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Can You Install a Septic Tank Under a House?

Wondering if a septic tank can be installed underneath a house? The answer is no.

Below are 3 reasons septic tanks should never be installed beneath homes:

  1. Your house will stink: Septic tanks are designed to hold and process waste after it leaves your home. Having a tank full of waste beneath your home can cause a number of issues, including serious odors.
  2. Septic services will be difficult: Septic tanks need to be regularly inspected and pumped by plumbers. During these services, your plumber must dig up the ground. If the tank is under a house, the plumbers would have to dig up the foundation and the ground beneath it in order to reach the septic tank.
  3. Your health could be at risk: While septic tanks are sturdy, long-lasting systems, it is possible for them to become damaged. In the event that your system becomes damaged and starts leaking waste into the earth beneath your home, you and your loved ones could suddenly be living in a very toxic environment.

How Far Away Should a Septic Tank Be from the House?

The minimum distance requirements from a house to a septic tank vary depending on the region, but, in general, septic tanks should be between 10 and 20 feet away from a home (at least). Other considerations need to be made if you are using a well or if you live near a stream, lake, road, swimming pool, or reservoir. If there is a well on your property, your septic tank likely needs to be at least 50 feet away from it.

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