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Can You Pour Oil Down the Drain?

Are you wondering whether you can pour oil down your home's drain? The simple answer to this is no.

Often times, people believe because oil is a liquid that it stays a liquid. But, once it cools it is quite the opposite. After the oil has cooled down, it will cling to the sides of your drain pipes and cause a build up the more you pour down the drain. Continued pouring of oil down the drain can also harm the local environment by polluting the water supply.

So what do you do with the oil or grease? The quickest way to get rid of the oil or grease is to continue to pour it down your drain. However, that isn't the best solution. The best way to dispose of your oil is to use your trashcan. Find an old container like a coffee can, an old pickle jar or even the paper plate you were using could suffice.