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Can a Septic Tank Be Uphill from the House?

If you live in a mountainous rural area and need to install a septic tank, it is important that you choose the right place for installation. Unfortunately, there are many rules and regulations you must follow that might limit your options for installation.

Typically, septic tanks are installed below ground level within 10-25 feet from the house, but they must be a certain distance away from any creeks, rivers, ponds, wells, paved surfaces, trees, and structures such as homes, patios, and decks. Because of this, some homeowners, such as those living in the mountains, are left with very few options for installation. If that’s the case for you, and your only option is to install your septic tank uphill from your home, you aren’t entirely out of luck.

How Septic Tanks Can Be Installed Uphill

Septic tanks can be installed uphill from a house, but it makes things a little more complicated. These systems are usually installed below ground level and they use gravity to transfer waste from the home to the tank. So, when a tank is installed above ground level, it requires an ejector pump. This pump directs the waste upward through the sewer lines and into the septic tank.

Are There Any Downsides to Using an Ejector Pump?

Ejector pumps run off electricity, so if your power goes out, you will not have a functioning pump. The pump itself can hold up to 500 gallons for approximately 1-2 days, but you have to be extremely careful with your water usage during an outage. If you exceed the capacity of the ejector pump, the sewage and wastewater from your home won’t have anywhere to go and you will have a serious plumbing emergency on your hands.

Additionally, if your ejector pump or septic system fails or gets flooded, the sewage will run back downhill, which can also result in a major plumbing emergency.


Installing a septic tank uphill from your home isn’t all that bad. In fact, this is still an incredibly eco-friendly plumbing method. Your septic tank will treat the wastewater from your home until it is clean and can be used for irrigation, industrial facilities, and even recharging groundwater.

This is also a convenient option for homeowners who are located in an area without access to the city’s main pipelines. Installing your own private plumbing system is a great way to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Ready for Installation?

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